Title Released Date Edition Download
Case Study- Ms Parwati Shrestha, an ICS retailer
06/18/2018 Download
Information on environment friendly solutions_EVD project Nepal
09/15/2016 Download
Case Study Compilation: EVD project
04/14/2017 Download
Accessing Financial Norms and Practices in Nepal
12/08/2016 Download
Background Paper: Promoting Financial Inclusion for Women in Rural Nepal
11/12/2015 6/17/2018 Download
Baseline Assessment of CSO’s
10/15/2015 Download
Case Study Compilation_ Advocacy Project
06/01/2018 Download
EVD Flyer in Nepali
06/06/2018 Download
EVD Inforgraphics (In Nepali)
EVD Infographics
EVD Flyer
Photo Story of Women Entrepreneurs from Nepal
User’s experience with mud ICS
CRTN Enews Vol 5 No 42
04/30/2018 2018 Download
Sudhariyako Chulo F2
01/22/2018 2018 Download
Sudhariyako Chulo
01/23/2018 2018 Download
IWME Program Flyer
01/23/2018 2018 Download
Integrating Irrigation Practices
06/19/2018 2018 Download
Annual Report
01/05/2018 2017 Download