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Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) is a professional non-governmental organization engaged in developing and promoting appropriate rural technologies effective in meeting the basic needs and improving livelihood of rural people.

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CRT/N as a professional/innovative organization and knowledge centre in renewable energy/appropriate technology delivering quality services to local communities for improving their livelihood.


Develop, promote and disseminate environmentally sound rural/appropriate technologies and strengthen capability of rural communities in creating better opportunities through mobilisation of local resources to improve their livelihood conditions.

Priority Themes

Access To Energy

Productive Use Of Energy

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)

Climate Change


Next generation low carbon, climate resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia

EVD Phase 1

Solar Electrification Of A Remote Village And Promoting Energy Planning Based On Reliable Data Collection In Nepal

Our Networks


The Gender Energy and Water Network (GEWNet) was established in Nepal as an output of the National Consultative Workshop held in August 2002.


INFORSE is a worldwide network consisting of 140 Non Governmental Organisations working in about 60 countries to promote sustainable energy and social development.

RTKC Nepal Services

Stove Performance Test In The Field

Water Boiling Test (WBT), Control Cooking Test (CCT), Kitchen Performance Test (KPT), IAP Measurements.

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Award & Recogntions

Women Entrepreneurs


Awareness Raising


Improved Water Mill


Improved Cook Stoves