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Regional Cookstove Testing and Knowledge Centre


Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) has established RTKC with the support of Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC), a public-private initiative led by the United Nations Foundation (UNF) to strengthen the cookstoves sector’s ability to perform various tests and evaluate stoves, communicate, improve performance of cookstoves and fuels and thus improve adoption of clean cookstoves. In line with GACC’s mission, RTKC Nepal is dedicated to improve the testing facility and provide quality service to stove builders and other stakeholders and extend services relating to stove testing and knowledge sharing and capacity building at the national and regional level and assist in the formation of National Standards on Cookstoves Performance Testing and harmonizing with International Standards.

Vision: To impart stoves testing and knowledge development services and expertise in research, testing and development of bio-energy products in the region.

Mission: To Improve Technology, communicate performance and promote sales and adoption of clean cooking devices and support the process of standardization in the country and the globe 


  • Enhance Testing Capacity of RTKC mapping to the International Standard Organization (ISO) and International Workshop Agreement (IWA) Tiers of Performance.  
  • Promote Research and Development on Clean Cooking Technologies
  • Establish effective knowledge dissemination and networking with other Stove Testing and Knowledge Centres at the national and regional level.
  • Advocate and support to Government of Nepal’s mission on "Clean Cooking Solutions for All by 2017” implemented by AEPC. 
  • Offer testing and monitoring services to organizations at national and regional level.
  • Support ISO TC 285: Clean Cookstoves and Clean Cooking Technology in standards formation and advocate for National standards in compliance with the international standards
  • Pave way to enhance the centre’s service menu to other environmental services such as industrial emissions monitoring, validating carbon projects; institutional energy audits design consulting etc. 


During the year 2017-18, RTKC Nepal, in partnership with multiple national and international organizations, conducted above mentioned lab and field based stove testing, research and emission measurements.  RTKC Nepal has been providing its lab testing services to clients as well as supported national and international researchers. The ratio of the under hood Laboratory Emissions Monitoring System (LEMS) tests on research to client is 4:10 for the year. 

Capacity and Resources

  1. Lab Test for different biomass and biofuel stoves using LEMS and ISO IWA Tier Reporting
  2. Stove Performance Testing in the Field:
    • Water Boiling Test (WBT)
    • Control Cooking Test (CCT)
    • Kitchen Performance Test (KPT)
  3. IAP Measurement
  4. Field based tests for portable/fixed biomass stoves along with user perception surveys [WBT, KPT and CCT training]
  5. Training Cookstove Stakeholders (Stove entrepreneurs, Researcher, Educational, stoves users, Institutions consuming biomass fuel etc.)on different Biomass Laboratory Issues 
  6. Support educational institutions, research centers and students for researches pertaining to biomass energy, stove designs and stoves performance research communications and related issues.
  7. Solar Performance Evaluation Process Test Station for assessment of Performance of Solar cookers
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