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Solar Electrification Of A Remote Village And Promoting Energy Planning Based On Reliable Data Collection In Nepal

Project Background

It was distressing to come across the fact that Kavreplanchowk, one of the neighbouring districts of Kathmandu stills had village clusters that were not connected to the national grid nor any other mini-grid and relied on dirty fuel, minimal capacity Solar Home System (SHS) and solar lantern for the fundamental lighting services. 

In 2019, Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) had successfully installed a 7.5 kW pico-hydro project in Satbhaiya-6, Khanikhola Rural Municipality in support of Siemenpuu Foundation and EKOenergy, Finland. Following this project, CRT/N developed a great rapport with the municipality and local stakeholders and they regularly inquired on the possibility of launching similar projects to other village clusters that did not have access to electricity. Accordingly, CRT/N once again approached the abovementioned organizations who entrusted CRT/N and awarded aid for the installation of a 10 kWp solar mini-grid at Saure Bhangtar. But this time with the additional responsibility of advocating renewable energy technology and policy for which after rigorous discussion and consultation Municipal Energy Planning (MEP) was chosen to be the most appropriate. In the federal context of Nepal, the Local Governments can formulate energy plans and policies for development of the energy sector. The MEP process assists any Rural/Municipality to develop robust plans and policies that will contribute in improving access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all and unlock the overall socio-economic and infrastructural development. 


• Installation of 10 kWp solar Mini-grid at Saure Bhangtar village-3, Khanikhola Rural Municipality, Kavrepalanchowk district, Bagmati Province, Nepal to ensure access to electricity for households and local enterprises.

• Development if Municipal Energy Plan for Khanikhola Rural Municipality.

• Capacity building of the renewable energy sector professionals from the Government, Non-Government and private sectors on Municipal Energy Planning (MEP) Process and GIS-based MEP Tool and advocate about the MEP process and the tool at the local and national levels. 

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