Enery Transition

• RE Technologies
• Energy Efficiency
• Productive use of Energy

Indoor Air Quality

• Clean cooking technologies
• Value of time and Money
• Efficiency Testing

GESI in Energy

• Policy Advocacy
• Women Empowerment
• Capacity Building

Climate Change

• Eco-village development
• Community Led Adaptation
• Local Solutions
Community-Centric Organization

About Us

Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) is a professional non-governmental organization engaged in developing and promoting appropriate rural technologies effective in meeting the basic needs and improving the livelihood of rural people. Established in August 1989 under the Company Act, CRT/N has been re-registered with the Government of Nepal (GoN) under the Social Organization Registration Act 2077 (2034 B.S.) since October 1998. The organization is actively engaged in upgrading traditional technologies as well as developing new technologies with diversified and versatile applications to meet rural needs.

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