Self-Help Eco-Village Development Project

  • Posted on December 31, 2020


On 13Aug, 2019 (28th Shrawan 2076) Centre For Self-help Development (CSD) organized an interaction programme on "Current Challenges in Microfinance and Way Forward" where CRT/N presented the concept of Eco-Village Development (EVD) model of various places of Bethanchowk, Kavre. The discussion was held with the participants about the concept of Self-help Eco-Village Development project. Fortunately, the discussion led to the establishment of the theory. If we take in account of our present activities, the planet Earth is and will be harshly affected by climate change; the impacts might be a cataclysm. After deep discussion during the seminar, it was concluded that Self-help Eco-Village Development project is advantageous to the rural areas where in order to live a happy life is defined by Energy, Food and water, importantly agriculture and security.  Therefore, CSD presented a proposal to organize such concept in five different rural villages of Nepal by granting a sum of NRS.5, 00,000 for each village which makes NRS 25, 00,000 of total economic support.  

After the program CRT/N, CSD and Manushi Nepal discussed and reached to the decision that Manushi Nepal will act as a partner for organizing the Self-help Eco-Village development project at Barabise-3, Dharpa by signing the tripartite agreement. Presently, the programme is implemented in Barabise-3, Dharpa by the partnership of Manushi Microfinance.


Supported by: Centre For Self-help Development (CSD) and MANUSHI Microfinance Ltd.



  • To develop Eco-friendly concept as a best model for Sustainable Rural Development and for better quality of life,
  • To coordinate with local micro finances for convenient and appropriate investment in order to add and boost the Eco-friendly technology and to improve income oriented mechanism,
  • To encourage to utilize the local resources and skills predominantly, 
  • To help for formulating plans and policies with local decision making offices and microfinances for discouraging Foreign employment and for increasing the employment opportunities at a local level.

 Project Objective:      

The primary objective of Self-help Eco-Village Development Project is to investigate the alternatives and solutions to enhance the eco-friendly situation in order to reduce the green house gases effect and to minimize the impacts of climate change for better quality of life.


Project Period: August 2019 to February, 2022


Project Partners:

·         Manushi Laghu Bitta Bittya Sanstha, Banepa kavre

·         Manushi Laghu Bitta Bittya Sanstha, Dharpa -3 Barabise