Private: Gender, Energy and Research Programme (Political Economy)


With support from ENERGIA/HIVOS; M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, India as a Lead Organization and Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) as a Partner Organization are conducting Gender and Energy Research Programme focusing on the political economy of energy sector dynamics from January 2015 to December 2018. The research aims to better understand how rural women can have increased access to energy policies and increased participation in energy governance. It is being funded by DFID. The research comprises of two phases; Scoping study and Field based studies. The programme has been implemented in four districts namely Kailali, Rupandehi, Kavrepalanchok and Dhading. The objective of the research is to understand the political economy of energy in terms of the use of different energy services (modern and traditional) by indigenous women, men and other poor in both rural and semiurban areas. The Research will do analysis of: i) Political economy of energy at macro (policy formulation), meso (administration) and micro (implementation) levels and ii) Gendered uses of energy in the domestic sphere, agriculture and enterprises. After the successful completion of scoping study, second phase was started in the reporting period. Field based studies in three working districts were completed. Household survey was conducted using offline questionnaire app using android tablets while the qualitative research was conducted with the structured questionnaires and checklists.


  1. Women agriculture energy
  2. Case Studies from Nepal-Women Agencies
  3. Case Studies of Sarita Choudhary
  4. LPG A Dream Energy
  6. Political Economy of Energy in Nepal-ISS