22 June - 2017, 5:56 pm

Solar Based Technologies

Technology: Solar cooker ( SK 14 model )

Use: Cooking
The Solar parabolic Cooker is a device used to cook foods with the help of Sunlight. It has a reflecting surface in the form of a parabolic dish. The reflector is mounted in such a way that it can be easily adjusted towards sun's energy. Very high temperature i.e. 300-400 C can be obtained with this cooker

Parabolic solar cooker specification
Name: SK-14
Size: 1.4m (Diameter)
Shape: Parabolic
Weight: Iron Frame (25 kg)
            Reflector Sheet (3.6 kg)
Reflector Sheet: Aluminum
Output Obtained: 700 watt
Efficiency: 50% (Related to direct solar radiation)

For whom: Household and community in rural, urban and semi urban areas; lodge/ tea shops specially in trekking route
Subsidy: Provision of subsidy by government 

Technology: Solar dryer (box type)

Use: Drying food
Drying is achieved through solar radiation that passes through the transparent window (glass or plastic), located on the top of the cabinet, which is oriented to south with a tilt equal to latitude to collect maximum solar radiation. The black painted tray in the dyer absorbs sunlight effectively and converts it into heat. The moisture content of food is decreased more quickly than in open air. Solar dryers can be made in different sizes and shapes based on the quantity and type of food to be dried. The size and shape also depend on domestic or commercial use. 80-90% of moisture content will be evaporated in 10-40 hours (depending upon the moisture content of the food item and the atmospheric temperature)

For whom: household and also useful for business of dried food items
Subsidy: Provision of subsidy by government: