22 June - 2017, 5:56 pm

Biomass Based Technologies

Technology: Improved Cooking Stove (ICS): Household heating and cooking purpose

ICS consists of combustion chamber, baffle, pothole, fuel exist hole, raised pothole, chimney pipe, grate, lug, shoot cleaning hole, chimney hood, and primary and secondary holes. It is gaining popularity among rural households in mid hills due to the reduction in fuel wood use as well as the improvement of health and sanitation. ICS can be one pot, two pot or three pot depending upon the size of the family.
For whom: household and institution
Subsidy: No provision of government subsidy

Technology: Institutional Improved Cooking Stove (IICS)

Use: institutional/commercial cookingIICS
IICS is a modification of a traditional stove. The pot holes have top plate (rings with adopter) made from cast iron. Cast iron is also used on fire gate and grate while GI sheets or bricks are used for chimney.
Specification: IICS is designed by technical experts following standard designed.
Subsidy: No provision of government subsidy 



Technology: Portable Rocket Stove

Use: household/institutional cooking
The rocket stove has insulative ceramic liner and insulative handle at both ends which is designed especially to suit the cooking habits of terai people. Light weight, smooth design makes the stove a portable device.
  Rocket Stove Specification:
Stove features:

  • Single pot hole
  • Suitable for household
  • Gives good flame, clean burning with very little smoke

Size: 30 cm x 30cm and 30 cm high with collar 12 cm
Shape: Cuboid 
Materials Required: Clay, saw dust, aluminum sheet
Efficiency: 20-26%
Subsidy: No provision of government subsidy

Technology: Metallic Stove

Use: Cooking
Stove Type: Metal Stove with Chimney
Stove Model: Improved version for high hills and mountains
Stove Features: 3 pot hole metallic stove
Needs pre-fabrication in the local workshop
Subsidy: Provision of subsidy by government