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Promoting Women-led Enterprises for Energy Access and Local Production: WEE- Nepal

The Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) as lead organization along with National Association of Community Electricity Users-Nepal (NACEUN) and Practical Action Consulting (PAC) are implementing the project ‘Promoting Women-led Enterprises for Energy Access and Local Production: WEE-Nepal’ from 1 September 2014 till 31 August 2017.

The Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC)/Government of Nepal and Clean Energy Development Bank Ltd. have been extending cooperation/coordination support for development and implementation of the Project. This Project is supported by ENERGIA the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy hosted by ETC Foundation, the Netherlands under its Phase 5 programme framework “Scaling up Energy Access through Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE)”. Supported by ENERGIA, with funding from SIDA, NORAD, MoF Finland.

Project Districts
Lalitpur, Dhading, Kavrepalanchok, Khotang, Udayapur and Sindhuli districts.

Project Target

  • 50,000 improved cookstoves for households and commercial establishments benefiting 250,000 consumers;
  • 300 women energy entrepreneurs for supply of improved cookstoves;
  • 500 women initiate micro enterprises based upon sustainable energy in 15 community rural electrification areas.

The improved cookstoves component of the Project will be implemented under the framework of National Rural and Renewable Energy Program (NRREP) of Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC). Hence, the Project seeks cooperation and coordination support at the central level from AEPC/NRREP and at district level from District Development Committee (DDC) /Environment, Energy and Climate Change Section (EECCSs) and District Service Centre (DSCs) for implementation of the project activities. This support from AEPC, DDC/EECCSs and DSCs is expected to be extended for promotion of energy-based enterprises as well. In case of women-led energy-based enterprise promotion, the Project will work through community based organisations including the Community Rural Electrification Entities (CREEs). For mobilizing credit support as demanded by the women entrepreneurs, the Project will coordinate with banks like Clean Energy Development Bank at central level and various local financial institutions at local level.

The general approach of working with the above mentioned partners include -

  • Organisatinal capacity building of partner organizations,
  • Capacity building on various micro enterprises for the communities including rural women,
  • Awareness creation on productive use of energy and micro enterprise development,
  • Awareness creation on usage of improved cookstoves among the rural communities,
  • Evidence-based advocacy for better policy environment on rural micro enterprises and promotion of rural energy solutions.

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