22 June - 2017, 5:56 pm

RTKC Updates

RTKC has been implementing research projects and involved in standardization of the technology this year 2016. It’s current involvements include: 
  • RTKC’s Capacity Development activities through Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves 2nd phase grants are completed. The quality Assurance plan for testing centers has been developed and RTKC has enhanced service menu with Black Carbon monitoring along with calibration of the sensors using the cal gas mixing chamber.
  • USEPA funded Global Map of Faceable Residential Solutions, Emphasizing Stoves with Space Heating Uses – Nepal Section with objective to study the fuel consumption and emission patterns over the seasons in the hilly regions of Nepal executed by University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The four seasons field monitoring has been over with the final/summer season monitoring done during April 2016. Documentation and knowledge product development has been going on.
  • The World Bank Funded Product Development and Labelling of clean cook stoves and fuels in the Nepalese Market through its DISC initiative in coordination with Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) with basic aim to promote standardization and labelling of clean cooking and heating stoves and fuels with added options. The first phase with basic understanding of cook stoves sector in Nepal has come to an end and second phase involving product development and labelling has been going on.
  • RTKC developed its first business plan with support from I-Dev International and Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves for its sustainability which has been into practice as the guiding document for business operations with RTKC services.
  • RTKC has been supporting national and International initiatives on standardizations of clean cookstoves through various involvements such as participating in conversations and building consensus along with expertise service as a member of ISO TC 285: Clean Cook stoves and Clean Cooking Solutions. It is also the member of Nepal National Mirror Committee and advocating and supporting the formation of Nepal Interim Benchmarks on Cook stoves (NIBC 2014) and its revision currently taking place based on stakeholders needs.
  • RTKC has been providing enhanced research and development services to the national and International clients. This year RTKC’s service was entertained by Filament Engineering Pvt. (For Muspana stoves) from Dhaka Bangladesh, Pure Flame Cookstoves (for Ganesha Stoves) from Colorado Boulder USA. 
  • Prof. Tami C Bond, the director of CACHE at University of Illinois visited CRT/N and also some remote households along the Kathmandu Rasuwa highway to observe the energy use situation.


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