22 June - 2017, 5:57 pm

National Workshop on Standards and Testing of Cookstoves in Nepal

The Regional Cookstoves Testing and Knowledge Centre (RTKC) managed by Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) with support from Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) led by United Nations Foundation (UNF) is organizing one day workshop on 25th July 2013 entitled “National Workshop on Standards and Testing of Cookstoves in Nepal”.

The objective of this workshop is to share on stove testing practices including stove testing protocols, methodologies and operation of measuring devices that abide by the standards set by International Standard Organization (ISO) and International Workshop Agreement (IWA) to perform efficiency and indoor air emissions measurements and discuss on the policy issues on stove testing standards in Nepal and related collaboration/coordination aspects.

Accordingly, the workshop is divided into two sessions: A) Technical Session B) Policy Session. The Technical Session is expected to be participated by the researchers from the Testing Centers who are involved with cookstove testing in Nepal. This session will be guided by Associate Prof. Dr. Tami Bond from University of Illinois. Likewise, the Policy Session is expected to be participated by policy level personnel and the subject experts.  

The expected outcome of the workshop is a common understanding regarding stove testing standards and initiation of policy level action towards standardizing stove testing in Nepal.